According to the contentious, all-devouring website TripAdvisor, York is the fifth ‘best food city in Europe’ and up there on the podium is Il Paradiso del Cibo aka Paolo’s. Don’t believe the first claim unless you want to delude yourself that you’d sooner eat in York than London or Rome but don’t doubt the unstoppable popularity of Paolo’s, even if you have misgivings about all of the 83 reviews of it that are carried on TripAdvisor.
The Yorkshire Post
Featuring dishes like baked Pecorino with honey or pesto rosso sardines, alongside big, rich bowls of pasta. All excellent value, as are the wines.
Living North
Paolo Silesu isn’t interested in interior design, but in serving good, unfussy food at knockdown prices. Indeed, Il Paradiso del Cibo has become something of a word-of-mouth sensation, not just among students enjoying £6.25 pizzas and pasta dishes, but local foodies, too.
The Guardian